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A Digital Media company that is serious about bringing your business growth and profits.

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We love what we do and love seeing the results that our clients receive after signing on with us.

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Located in the DMV area we bring custom service and delivery to ensure quality products.

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Digitronico plans to have a few thousand sites up by 2015. More sites would allow our clients to get more visibility. In the age of smart phones and tablets, most conventional forms of advertising have failed to deliver the desired results to our clients. Hence the approach to put our clients' advertisements on billboards in businesses and office buildings reaffirms the concept of not giving the audience a choice but to be in their face and ultimately BE SEEN.


On how many billboards and how many times a day would my advertisement commercial play? We love to answer these questions when posed by our clients. An old Chinese proverb says- the more sugar you put the more sweet it would be. We do not have a magic wand and our clients are not offering anything for free. The advertisement needs to deliver the message in visual with no audio. The challenge is to always make the commercial that can say what the client wishes to advertise. Once the ad is approved through creative, logistics takes the lead and uploads on select client sites the ad where the ad is displayed as many times the client wishes. Creating top of the mind awareness and branding our clients is the soul of Digitronico.

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